Wednesday, July 28, 2004

DNC convention begins

Went downtown yesterday to watch some Shakespeare in the park--Much Ado about Nothing--also thought I might see some Democrats, but they, devious as they are, had disguised themselves as ordinary Americans. I can hear "Bring the troops home" being blasted by megaphone and echoing off the huge hotel opposite the Commons as I head first of all toward the porta potties, now called "handy stations", for relief.

Didn't know the anti war people would be here and I realize the Shakespeare play has been canceled. I head on down to where the anti war rally is being held past a walkway of tables with bumper stickers and buttons--the socialist party is here; the guy with books and cd's on the truth about 9/11; there are women in G-strings with "lick Bush" on the crotch, taking pictures of each other; another table has t shirt with comic book cartoon blond with a tear running down her face, dejected, "Not another 4 years of Bush" was the caption. Wish I had gotten one of those. Helicopters circle overhead and about 7 horse police are gathered getting instructions--the horses are sooooo large--where do they get such animals--and as I walk by I hear one say," So lets just be inconspicuous" which makes me laugh at loud.

A father is playing catch to one side with two boys and all manner of dogs are being walked by smiling owners. The unopinionated are here also. Children are playing in the wading pool. There is one huge display of artwork--ink on paper by someone who is doing his LSD regularly. The center of the biggest piece says, "The Next World War will be about Water" and there are spiders, ants all done grotesquely, and I hear a dread locked young man explaining the metaphor for interested bystanders--this is the spraying and military aid to Columbia; this is corporate greed, ect.

They begin the march, shouting "Money for jobs and education; not for war and occupation" I follow the march which is being escorted by uniformed Boston cops on each side with the helicopters overhead a reminder of who's got the power. On the bandstand the announcer says a Little light skinned boy named Dante is hunting for his parents. By the T station there is a circle of Christians with a wooden cross of sticks, holding hands and singing hymns while one of them takes collection. A guy with a rainbow crocheted yarmulke on his bald spot carries a sign imploring us to go to www.marx.com

Ah this is the America I love--the melting pot, not melted--never to be melted, but boiling with its diverse and raucous opinions always.

Of course these are not the democrats. A woman accosts me with the news that Kerry and Bush are not that far apart on the war although wht flavor of opposition she is I don't know. I agree with her and say but Bush should be dumped because of his enviromental ignorance and his anti choice stance and that is only one small step in the right direction and I refuse her 25 cent paper. She looks as if she should have better things to do and also as if she agrees with me.

I go sit by the fountain and watch the march come back around. The gather and listen to a very angry black man challenge the police to arrest the real criminals, the white senator who voted for the war, for example, not to mention any names, and pledging to be in NY next month and at the inaguaration in January and whereever in Feb. Soon I begin to see some touristy types with Boston street maps and name tags and Kerry buttons, gawking and smiling. A group saying they are college students are playing guitar and singing with a "Buck Fush" sign.

It is events like this--the replacement to "Much Ado about NOthing" that make me believe in the human spirit-that whatever the oppressor and whoever the terrorist, the human spirit will survive, will keep demanding more freedom, more room to grow, more meaning from life.

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