Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Changing times

I went into the hardware store in Hayfork yesterday. Hayfork is our nearest town with more than one store, and the domain of the manly man, the logger, the construction worker, and the downhome pot grower, the know nothing testosterone ridden male. I was wandering around gathering up pipe fittings when a guy with greying beard, baseball cap and big smile comes in. "Hey honey", he yells at the young smooth faced guy who is adding up purchases. "You're looking awful cute today. I wish I could give you a big kiss". i walk over to the counter with my hose fittings. The kid is smiling. The guy continues. "I sure would like to get up close to you. You want to go into the back room for a while?" The kid is grinning now. He nods his head int he direction of the back room. "You want to work off some of your bill?"

Whoa--right back at him without missing a beat. I am in San Fransisco or has Brokeback Mountain come to Hayfork? .

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