Sunday, January 23, 2005

All my Ducks in a Row Collapse

Now listening to show tunes on the United Airlines line, hoping to reschedule another flight out of Boston sometime soon.

I now have flight on same day as meeting with PGE so I will miss that. I have the best friends in the world who are going to be there in my place.

Yes i had it all lined up. Unfuckingbelievable!!!! I had all my ducks in a row. It was beautiful. It was magic. Things fell into place as easily as leaves falling to the ground. One appointment after another, one meeting and then the next and then a day or two of repacking and relaxing and the retreat. Whammmo!!! My ducks are dead--lying there with their webbed feet in the air while I hack and cough and stare out the window at 3 ft of snow and get the news that, yes, even the next's days flight is canceled.

Have to love it! Even as I hate it and stare in horror.

We're all sick now and have been housebound for what seems like weeks. the last bit of family bonding before we separate our lives. The exchange of microbes, airborne virus, sighs, groans and sharing take out--the kitchen isn't in yet, the stove doesn't work, microwaving oatmeal in the mornings, mourning the diminishing supply of tylenol, toilet paper, kleenex and dvds and we lie around under blankets, legs propped on laps, heads on shoulders, passing tea, water, ibuprophen or tissue paper to staunch the massive amounts of mucus pouring forth. Anya quieter than we've ever seen her, every once in a while making a move from former times, suddenly giggling or pointing her finger in her "gotcha gesture" at someone and then sitting back on the current lap and staring vaguely at the HDTV on which we watch long sequences of National geographic type visual without the narrative--nothing ever begins, ends, or happens--just endless vistas of snow covered mountains, winding rivers, canyons and plains.

Now temperature is 10 degrees, supposed to get down to zero tonight. My temperature normal, Maya 100, Anya 101, Jay, well, the tylenol with codeine has made miraculous cure. He was only recently in the basement in his undershorts vacuuming the floor.

A record of temperatures

On Thursday it was minus 9 here and I had temperature of 102 and pounding headache;
Friday was warmer and zero degrees. Marilyn 101, Anya 99
Saturday it started snowing on the frozen snow below. Thirteen degrees high Marilyn 100, Anya 102, Maya 100.
Sunday blizzard still going Marilyn 99, Anya 102, Maya 101, Jay 99.

My flight was cancelled last evening and I am scheduled to go tomorrow morning, but the blizzard is still raging with drifts of 4ft and more. Jay shovelled snow off the front walk and the 3 ft that had accumullated on the sun roof. His back has gone out. However he may be acheiving new levels in the video game he plays.

We are running out of tissue, toilet paper, dvds and have no butter nor anything resembling food for supper nor do we have a stovetop or oven to cook on or a kitchen sink. All dishes have to be washed in the bathrooms. We microwave oatmeal in the morning and yesterday I found a French patisserie which had quiche and rotisserie chicken which I should have stocked up on but foolishly didn't.

Now we face the blizzard chickenless.

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