Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Adventures in Alpha Centuri

Day One:

There is a hammock in the back yard which serves as our space ship. Most recently we have been going to Alpha Centuri. You may not know that it is actually three stars in one--a binary star and one small star who might just be passing nearby for a couple of million years. Anyway, we have discovered a habitible planet by the name of Noah Aloha, the Betterest planet. We have started a garden there, some carrots and cabbages, and made shelter for the animals we brought, a moose and an adult and baby bear.

Crisises arose of course. This happens in space travel. The stabilizer quit working and Bluey was tossed about until Sophia was able to make a space walk and fix the stabilizer. The stabilizer went out at least 7 times in one afternoon. Poor Bluey. Sophia was a hero. Bluey unfortunately hit her head and needed medical treatment. This started a spate of medical difficulties. Suddenly the animals had broken their legs and we had to use the magic curing sticks to fix them. Magic curing sticks are quite abundant on Noah Aloha which is a blessing. Then Sophia found a lady bug who was very very sad as she had no friends. Sophia stepped in again and found some friends for the lady bug. They looked suspiciously like sticks, but the lady bug didn't mind and was comforted and able to go back to her home in the grass.

Bluey prefers to stay in the space ship and sail around looking at things from above comfortably. Sophia climbs in and out of the ship to investigate and fix things on the Betterest planet. OUr first day was a success as all the injuries were cured and the garden growing nicely.

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