Friday, December 14, 2007

travel from west to east

Snow in Boston and all flights cancelled. Had dinner with Tim and Una and John and Marni at the Pacific Cafe which was very fun especially as J and M were totally surprised by my presence as was I. Rode the BART in from the airport, just traveling, and did a movie and then took the bus to the restaurant way out Geary. Hungry for faces and there were lots on the bus and the complexion and accent changed as we went further west from darker and dreds and low pants to yellow and 50's hair and coats and into that came some mix of white(a young man looking like James Joyce with a Noam Chomsky book bag) got on with the crippled 60 something cane welding smiling grey hair. Like a kid hungry for candy I stared and loved them, loved even the hysterical mentally challenged girl who rode her emotions with the bus from laughing to crying. and from which some people were averting their eyes. I loved the all; I am one of them. The older woman with short hair and stiff knees who gingerly used the hand rails to de-mount the bus. God the city is rich and in spite of all the supposedly coming chaos and anarchy and the danger of warlords as the world falls apart, these people are my people; we accept each other's presence and everyone behaves quite kindly. The Asian woman apologizes and laughs as she falls on me with the jerk of the bus and I laughing back at life's unexpected encounters.

The America I love.

Whereas getting stuck in Denver was not so fun. We boarded the plan and waited and waited an hour until they confess that there are no brakes and we have to change planes. We have to take everything and hang around B26 until the guy tells us there is no reason to so that so I go off to get a Quizmo Sub something I have never had and sit on the ground and eat, immediately getting a stomach ache. A couple hours of unknown pass. I go to the Service Desk to tell my sad story of two days to get to Boston--it used to take a year or so, but I am modern. They call us back to B26 and the promise of a new plane, not the one with no brakes. Well and good. The seat covers are different and after deicing off we go for a smooth ride, the movie is Ratatouille which I have seen and so I read my Wyoming stories JA gave me and am surprised and gratified that suddenly we are landing in Boston always flying out over the city lights into the black ocean and then turning back in toward the land and the jewels of lights become monopoly buildings and then slowly become the world we move in as the plane bumps and lands braking on the runway and we are safe again on the ground.

My baggage does not come off the carousal and in despair I look over into the oversize baggage already landed and see the blue plastic bag I ties on my bad and beside it, my red bag ahhhh safe and into the taxi and home where I am greeted with wine and gnocchi and daughter and husband making nice for me as they stayed home all pajamaed and warm until I got there. Now I am downstairs in be with my computer with electricity that doesn't demand anything but money, no walks up the hill, no calories for watts. They go to bed. It is only 8 pm in SF. I am still awake and so happy to have this life of adventure and growing grandchildren and loving family and Hyampom(enough said in that one word) it holds a universe and one I am particularly fond of and feel most at home in, but I can live here quite comfortably and travel elsewhere at length and am lucky to be able to enjoy wherever I am keeping in mind it is all only temporary.

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