Saturday, September 09, 2006

I was sent a great website which has newspapers from all over the world.


Some papers are in English and others you can translate by copying and pasting into http://babelfish.altavista.com/

Very fun and also more importantly informative. Today I read an article in Le Monde praising America's energy and fluidity, and one in The Guardian mentioning a 9/11 conspiracy theory in which it claims 36% of Americans believe their government let 9/11 happen to ensure a radical right coup d'etat. You get to see us as others see us which is always enlightening. The 9/11 article was interesting considering that the Disney docu drama which is full of misinformation and outright lies, lays the blame on Clinton. Typical infoganda that is current with the US media.

Then there is this gem from the Indian Times. It made me relax and feel that all is right in the world. Insanity rules:

Idols emit water, 'miracle' draws devotees
[ 9 Sep, 2006 1734hrs ISTPTI

DAHOD (Gujarat): Just weeks after claims that idols of Lord Ganesha were drinking milk, a large number of people on Saturday flocked a Jain temple here after some of the devotees claimed that the idols were emitting small droplets of water.

After conclusion of an annual Jain ceremony last evening, the idols began to precipitate water, sources at the temple, located in Mahavir Sheri locality in Gujarat's Dahod town, said on Saturday.

The chandeliers positioned on top of the three Gods inside the main temple also began to shake on their own, sources said.

As the news of the "miracle" spread, thousands of people, including Jain devotees from this predominantly tribal district, thronged the temple.

About 12 statues of Jain Gods located inside the temple had water droplets on them. These water droplets were also seen on some of the walls of the temple, sources claimed.

Devotees present at the temple sang devotional song while temple priests offered special pujas to the deities.

Monday, September 04, 2006

The Seamless World

A bowl of green fir trees surrounds me as I lie by the wine dark river looking at the seam at the water’s edge where rock and sedge meet their reflection. So perfectly matched only the wind can tell the difference. The seam calls me, urges me, tantalizes me with an answer to mirror image and opposites, the place between worlds free of the pull of good and bad.

Some say the world was made by great benevelence and so it seems here. There is only me, the bear scat, the dog, the rocks and sunlight, a merganser quacking by, a vagrant wind toying with giant fir limbs blowing the early autumn leaf fall upstream stirring the river with a symphony of tessalated waves, blurring green, black mauve, shimmering

I hear no starving babies cires nor see the scorched earth around my house, nor the broken bleeding bodies strewn about the earth. Yet they are in this moment as well and the seam between water and rock finally has no answer.

Some say all our questions will be answered at death--that is the seam we are seeking in this seamless world of opposites from which we long to escape

The poem slips through the fingers of my mind and floats away from me.

The only exit deep inside.

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