Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Small Improvement

One of my mediation teacher said her husband asked her what she had gotten out of 20 year so meditation practice and she said, "I'm a kinder person." At the time I thought that was rather a lame outcome.

But today as I soaked in the tub outside, I saw a tiny light across the river up in a canyon. It is someone's newly built solar panels reflecting the setting sun. Now in the past, I have raged about anyone who "invaded" my space which is what I can see or hear from my place. I insisted I must feel alone in the wilderness, experience the wild mountain and river without interference from others. It was a matter of purity.

Today when I saw the tiny light, I thought, "May you be happy." And I was filled with a tsunami of love.

An open heart is always a better choice than a closed one and in this case, no choice was necessary. The open heart arose quite naturally.

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