Thursday, November 25, 2004

From Nov. 15th

It's snowing in Boston. I had to go out with Anya
yesterday as they were showing the condo and I walked
with her to Porter Square. Forgot the hat and snow
kept falling on her, making her cheeks and nose red
and her bangs curl with dampness.

It was suddenly winter. Everyone was out in their
black coats and wool caps, umbrellas and boots.

This morning I awoke to three inches of snow and wind
blowing the rest of the orange leaves from the trees.
It took a half an hour to scrape the ice and snow off
the car and by 4pm everything had frozen solid again.

In the meantime, Anya has learned to wrinkle up her
nose and out of that has arisen the whole gamut of
facial expressions--even saw a little sneer yesterday
just passing through, awaiting the experience to lock
in the attitude. Is this how things work? Or is the
attitude there with the sneer and it picks out the the
experience to justify itself. At any rate, she is a
little human and good company, a subject for endless
hours of contemplation.

I see her constructing a self from bits and pieces of
experience and am made aware how I am deconstructing
the same with my meditation practice. So we have a
joyous mingling of energies.

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