Thursday, November 25, 2004

Things to be Thankful for

My life which keeps teetering onward inspite of the removal of various body parts. Next removal 16th of Dec.
Anya whose emergence and development are a source of delight
Maya and Jay the family where I belong at last
This morning which shows the bleakness, the bare branches, a few persistent leaves and grey sky of winter reminding me of my childhood.
The stillness of no traffic
The showings of the condo
Three Thanksgiving dinners including todays on the actual day with rack of lamb and duck
Finding Middlemarch on VHS
Massachusetts and California two homes both blue
My practice
That I lived so long a life surrounded and surrendered to nature
Cooking with Maya
Earl Grey tea
Katherine's wisdom
Bouncing up and down with Anya
The nest in Hyampom, now burned
Marion's discrimination
Maya and Jay's new house
John Ann's loyalty
Old friends
Planting bulbs at the new house and meeting the neighbors
Madison and Darcy
Connie and Cara

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