Friday, December 31, 2004

Logging made a huge mess which depressed me. As Stanley says there is no way to do logging neatly.

Besides the logging mess, PGE cut some green fir, 2 ft in diameter and some madrones marked save and I stirred the shit and made phone calls and now have a meeting with mucky muck supervisor and lowly underlings on the 25th of Jan. NOt sure how to proceed here, but hope to have someone else there when they come.

It started to snow the day before I was to fly back and so I panicked and left. Lindy drove me out. Got stopped for chains going up the summits. Lindy said we have studded snow tires, Dude; and he said, put chains on, Dude. Lindy, as we drove over to the side, said, gee I haven't talked like that in years. Don't know what made me say Dude. We futzed around with a huge jack which didn't work and found a smaller one which did, but then the chains didn't fit--it was all a reminder of days of yore when we weren't prepared for the worst. So I said, let's go on and pretend we have our chains on and so we did. We didn't need chains, DUDE!!! And like days of yore, we drove on over the summits illegally.

Back in Boston with snow piled high on the streets, life resumes it workaday pace.

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