Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Identity problems

I have been once again been flummoxed by the modern world. Tried to open an online bank account and was told credit report didn't ok me. So after much protest, digging in of heels and discussion with daughter and son in law I finally broke down and went online to get my credit report. I then get some annoying news. Equifax , the company bad mouthing, me couldn't verify my identity in order for me to get credit report. I look up from the computer, hunting solidity in the non virtual world. My eyes reassure me. I am surrounded by a house and furniture, objects hard and soft, colored and textured.

The next step is to call the Equifax number and speak to actual human. Equifax man wants me to tell them what credit I have. I use only one credit card so I told them. They wanted another credit reference. I couldn't think of anything. I have another card at home, but I don't use it. So then they wanted utility bill. Oh, boy, here we go, think I. I explained to the nice young man that I make my own electricity and didn't have utility bills. Silence. He then wants something other than PO Box. I explain where I live if very remote and we don't' get delivered mail and I give them the address I have made up for myself to use at times like these #12 County Rd 311. The county gave everybody in the county addresses not long ago. We all protested this bureaucratic exercise, but to no avail. I don't like the address as it makes no sense to me, besides it is at least 6 or 7 numbers and too hard to remember. No one uses the addresses except newcomers and people who want to feel they live in the suburbs. This would not do for Equifax man. He asks what is my address on my driver's license. It is a PO Box. That does it. I am told I must fax them back and front of driver's license and back and front of ssi card with other information so they can be sure I am who I say I am. Then they will give me credit report which will then let me see why they wouldn't ok my credit which will then let me open this account which I am not sure at this point that it is even worth all this expenditure of energy not to mention the dissing of my lifestyle.

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