Sunday, October 09, 2005

Sunday in Boston

Gloomy drizzly day. Anya and Maya take a nap starting at 11am. At 1pm they are still sleeping. Jay and I putter around in the kitchen making some lunch although Jay claims we may be breaking some rule of Maya's by eating without her. "I live in fear," he says, which makes me laugh. We eat anyway knowing we will survive the "wrath of Maya". I make her a salad like mine to have when she wakes. Finally we hear Anya babbling upstairs and Jay runs to get her. There follows the familar Sunday family time. Anya is groggy and falls down and gets up and trips again crying. Slowly she wakes up fully and starts her babbling walk around the house, full of expression and inflection--the little drama queen. I ask what we're going to do. There are suddenly a plethora of plans unfolding. We need things, obviously, like good Americans. There is Toy r Us but better Honey Bear Toys and we have to get milk from Whole foods and maybe we should go to the Burlington Mall and on and on. So we must get ready. Maya must take shower; it would just take a minute. Jay picks his computer back up and begins again to do whatever it is he does to the blogpire. Anya has crayons and wants to draw kaks(cats) which I oblige. Maya comes back down. We begin to put on sweaters, coats. Jay has Anya and is putting on her shoes. Maya wants to change her socks as they don't match. Jay has one shoe on, a major feat. He is wrestling with the other shoe. " Maya", he yells I can't get this shoe on. I feel like I'm going to break her foot." Maya walks over to his rescue. Suddenly both of them say, "Whew, smelly!!! Did you poop, Anya?" Anya says, "Poop?' and nods her head. So off come the shoes, and upstairs she goes to get diaper changed. Jay and I sit back down. I am laughing. Jay breaks into a grin. "Crazy, he says can you imagine having two children. Never happen!" I am laughing. "Just think. It would take twice as long" "We would never get out he door", he says.

Anya and Maya come back down. Shoes go on. Out the door we go and into the car and driving off down the Heights hill where we live. Anya is singing and singing. I still can't understand her words. Maya looks at Jay. You know what she's singing? It's 'Burning Ring of Fire" and indeed I hear now Don, don, don, flaaaming don don" This is a song we sing as we carry her down the stairs. We have done that since we lived in the condo. Now Maya opposes it with "Up Up Up to the birdie in the sky" when she takes her upstairs. But the Down Down Down seems to have gone into the programming of her brain which is slightly unsettling and at the same time endearing. After a while she starts with the ABC song and gets to D sometimes before she just repeats the first three letters. We all sing the song with her. She studies us while we sing. Maya says, " Russ says he was 24 before he realized that was the same tune as Twinkle Twinkle little star. I was 34" Jay says, " I was thirty-three". "Sixty seven," I say from the back seat.

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