Friday, May 26, 2006

Life in the Village

There was a big crowd at open house last night. The students artwork was up and being judged and all a mix of parents, step parents, teachers, and the curious seeking to have a small town experience. They were not disappointed. Emmy was there. She is back in town for a few days before heading back to NYC. Joseph was there, friendly, sober and obviously proud of his son who is really cute and bright. James seems to have survived his days of cultism without blatant scars. James' mother, was there with Bud who works for Ray and used to live at RK's back in the days when RK was picking up strangers off the highway to come live with him. Rumor has it that Bud asked Joyce to marry him and then Ray proposed to her--the latter such an unlikely happening, that it casts doubt early on what would be a rumor good for several weeks at least. I'll have to get more details from a friend who picks up these tidbits from those who know all the happenings around River View and Waggoners rentals.

Scott and Jeremy were there and Ruth who came to me for a hug and said she needed a hug but I never got to find out what the problem was. We wandered at last over to the HCC where the play was to be held. The kids had written with Tim an original song about the play--"Hey Tom Thumb, whacha gonna do?" with each child stepping forward to sing one verse about themselves and all joining on a refrain. Zander, Larry's son kept time with the drum.

The story was that there was an evil giant who only ate sugar and thus he had only one tooth left. He also ate the occasional trespasser as there was a large sign "Trezpasers wil be aten" The giant was played by Zander, the drum beat as he walked, and he had a heavy Texas accent and of course can't spell. Tom Thumb who was allowed to eat only vegetables and rice and had never tasted sugar was played by his little brother Rennie. Tom had a friend, a very hip looking mouse with sunglasses and dressed all in black, urging him on to adventure. That was James. There was a sparrow played by Austin who is on crutches, and those three hung out together, innnocent of sugar. There mother calls them to supper, but of course Tom and friends get lured into the giants lair and find a gingerbread castle which them begin to eat, faster and faster, getting more and more hyper until the giant comes back and they have to hide. I know you are on the edge of your seat! Fortunately for them, the giant breaks his last tooth on Tom's rock which got covered with chocolate, and the loss of his tooth caused him to stop liking sugar and he begins turning over a new leaf of eating only vegetables and rice and all ends happily with a healthy meal.

Very cute. I always tear up at these plays because I know all the kids and their families and the history of their lives and it seems so precious to me to be a part of life in the village.

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