Saturday, May 06, 2006

Nirvana Lounge

I had been a bad mood. Too much to do. Finally I got myself in a better mood by taking out all my timers and trying to get them set up for summer watering, feeling very efficient(it's an illusion, I know,but what the hell, I'll enjoy it while it lasts). I wasn't sure I was up for the Nirvana Lounge night, an event organized by one of the Riversong people, the intentional community lately come to town. There had been much commotion about it, a flurry of emails keeping the mind involved and the energy building. Finally I got cleaned up and drove to town passed by RK going full speed trying to get to the store to get ice before it closed and followed slowly by Jennifer and Rick. I was hailed at the Red House before Valley View by the tree planter guys checking to see if I had stakes for the nets, which I do. They are so happy to be getting paid well to do this work, and then I saw Bryan's truck at JC's and I pulled in to talk to him about Samson staying with him while I go to Boston. There seems to be little chance of snagging someone to stay at my place while I'm gone. I walk in. It is deserted, except for Bryan playing shuffleboard with Denis. It's Bryan's new hobby. Then who do I see but Scott Meigs at the bar. Wow. Hugs all round. I am very glad to see some of the "old" Hyampom people and I immediately invite them to "Nirvana Lounge" Scott is a little put off by having to meet new Hyampomians, but Bryan is interested in the food and maybe there will be some new women. So off we go. I have my old friends to keep me company and am feeling very comfortable.

The HCC is decorated with tapestries and rugs. One corner has sofa and air mattresses to lie on. There is music mixing machine and the stage is covered in cloth and has psychedelic lights playing on it. The kids run behind the stage and do shadow puppets.

I come in with Scott and introduce him to the Riversong people, saying I picked him up at the bar. Bryan comes in and we all pour some wine and sit discussing who is who and drifting into politics and Colbert and back out. Scott points to Steve and asks who he is and i explain the instigator of this and someone asks where Teri is and I explain checking out the town in Wisconsin where they may move. Steve turns around wide eyed at me as if I had let something slip. "It's Hyampom after all", I say. "There are no secrets". "Not where you're around", quips Bryan and we all laugh. Kids are running around. Mykayla and Zoe are dancing together, very sweet. Katharine comes saying that the guys weren't ready so she came ahead. Later James and Thomas show up. Thomas has U R That written in black on his forehead.

The food is indeed Indian. We help ourselves to some big platefuls. Thomas has done his peanut Thai dish and there is rice and tons of curry dishes and Richard is in the kitchen for an hour or more making these small spicy lamb balls wrapped in dough and deep fried--to die for, dipped in a red hot/sweet sauce. The wine flows; the talk continues. Dick Arey is there. Sally and Bill of course. Charlie Sweet and the Newsomes, and Ebbe and Ushci who have eggs for me. Finally mostly fed, some are outside, some in. Steve begins to play music and we dance, rocking out to Ride Sally Ride and other old favorites. I ask RK to dance but he won't but Wil will and we are joined by a good many others. I last through several tunes and then my knees begin to hurt. The hyperextended one especially.

Some young adults show up, braids, beards, long hair. Here are the "women" Bryan and apparently Charlie and others have been waiting for. They are friends of James from Hayfork. I begin to make the rounds to say goodbye.

This morning I discovered that dancing on the bad leg has improved the knee considerably.

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