Friday, October 20, 2006

To See Ourselves as Others See Us

I love amadeus.net where I can read news from all over the world. Much of it is in English, especially in Asia.


This is today's find from Japan. There is another article of interest about how science is closer to making a cloak of invisibility and a picture of it. It's possible to see right through the cloak which is worn by a Japanese student who has his own version of invisibility cloak. Weird. Scary. The mind reels. Perhaps this site is the equivalent of the Onion They say the cloak is not perfect, but, if real, a beginning of who knows what mischief.

I try to read Le Monde but my French seem to have deteriorated, but I can get it translated on any number of sites. Alta vista Babelfish or google. Remember le Monde's headline after 9/11? "We are all Americans today". How very long ago that was.

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