Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hyampom Grammy Behind the Wheel

Picked Anya up from school and drove her downtown to Mass General. There was no opening for Ewan at the other hospital so we are stuck here until something opens up. I missed the turn to get across the Charles and ended up right downtown wandering with verbal help by cell phone by Jay and the torn map in the car. It took about an hour. Anya was the perfect traveler and didn't complain until we drove by the Boston Gardens the second time. Then she said, "A park. Oh how pretty. Let's stop. Please oh please oh please" but she didn't start screaming. Instead she went back to singing "No more monkey's sleeping on the bed", a song they sing in preschool. and on I drove. We went through the theater district where I had never been before. Swan Lake is playing. Hhhhmmmm, I would like to see it. Wonder if Anya would like it. If I didn't have somewhere to go, this wouldn't be so bad.

Then we made a turn into the abyss--there was no escape route--the freeway(or the Boston equivalent), which took us into a tunnel which said Logan Airport and/or Quincy. I chose Quincy knowing I was totally screwed and besides, we're in a tunnel. Who knows if the tiles are going to fall. Perhaps I have taken my granddaughter on a ride to doom. But no, there is an exit. Prospect St. I take it and discover that I am in the financial district. I turn down a street at random and see some street workers. I pull over and ask them directions and the woman reassures me I am doing ok(a lie, but welcome nonetheless) and gives me verbal directions which I can follow. Suddenly my whereabouts and the map match up and I am turning onto Cambridge street and calling Jay to say I am getting near. Finally into the parking garage and SIGH I have safely navigated downtown Boston which was built long before anyone thought of cars. Maya exclaims, "We did it Grammy!" and cheers and so do I.

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