Saturday, February 02, 2008

More Forms of Water

Richard came by today grumbling that he could have stayed in Chicago and had this kind of weather. Had to laugh as it really is the first winter in a while. Others who have been here long enough to know better have been saying there's been nothing like it. But in the 70's lots of winters were like this. It snowed deeper and just as long the year Jim and Glenn's house burnt down. And one winter in deep snow it got below zero. Kathy and Bill were here and we had rugs piled in front of the door for warmth. This year there has been more than a week now of snow turning to rain turning to sleet back into snow. Today sleety rain covers the road about an inch deep and Richard's tracks are the only ones visible.

The day has passed in an eye blink. Laundry, scrabble, meditation, scrabble, bake bread, scrabble when I look up I discover that the light is fading and I must get out for a walk before night comes. So Samson come with me sooo excited to be out. Sniffs, pees, runs, sniffs, pees again, and we walk past the slide which has slipped some more, but not really blocking the road yet, to the truck on the other side where I left a dozen eggs as I couldn't carry it all home Thurs. It makes me very happy this lone walk up the road to realize I have the cabin, the fire, the time to lollygag though another day. I have puttered around cleaning out the filing cabinet and burning old useless papers, including letters I saved of an argument with a friend sure that time would prove me right. I emptied old jars of who knows what into the compost. Let the birds decide. I watched out the window at the falling water in its various forms and now night has fallen. The solitude is complete.

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