Saturday, December 13, 2008

Adventure to town in the snow.

Woke up to snow this morning. It was only a couple of inches, but it kept on snowing and getting a little deeper. Had to go clean off the satellite dish twice. The snow kept coming and I got restless as I had to get my netflix movies to the Post Office(yeah, really) and it could get worse if not impossible later. I heard trees falling last night and the road could be blocked, could be more snow past the Red Point. Ya never know. So I try to interest RK in going in with me. I am remembering the days of yore when we back-to-the-landers were the newbies in town and there were lots of flannel shirts, levis, boots and we'd smoke, drink strong coffee and go screw around in the snow, getting stuck or getting someone else unstuck or getting into town to the bar to drink hot buttered rums and to tell everyone how we almost didn't make it. RK doesn't buy the fun of my bit of history; he is tired and sleepy having stayed up all night, washing the snow off his satellite dish(go figure).

So I decide to go it alone. I pour the three gallons of very very expensive gasoline(purchased in September) into my empty truck, get bundled up, take the ibuprofen in case I get stuck and have to walk, and climb in the cab, turn the key and nothing--not even a click. Let me tell you life is easier today than in days of yore because I can go back inside, AIM my neighbor and she sends her husband over to jump start me. So while we're under the hood, I remember there is loose connection which has been causing problems before I left and he discovers a broken ground wire and notices the battery is loose and so I follow him back to his house and visit with J while he fixes the battery connections. I have to say I love men. They know stuff that I no longer even pretend to care about, and it is a relief to have neighbors who fix things for me. Moreover, he gives me a fresh cooked crab from his latest ocean fishing and I'm off to town, truck running smoothly and a cooked crab to eat if I am stuck and need sustenance.

The snow is about 6 inches by his house and on to the Red Point which is the cut off place for storms coming from the west, although sometimes surprisingly, it gets worse there and on into town, but that's not the case today. By B's driveway, I see new tracks and stop to investigate, yelling "Hey what's going on?" as I see actual humans standing around. Turns out it's B and W and they are stuck in B's driveway which pleases me a great deal as the traditions of screwing around in the snow continue. They indeed have been to see RK, gotten him out of bed with a promise of smoke, drink, football and the addition(he was acting uninterested) of money. W is really anxious to get this old trailer home and had left it in B's driveway, discounting the predicted snow or more likely too tired and drunk to fool with it last night. So they are happily awaiting RK and I drive on happy that there has been rescue, albeit tangential, involved in my trip to town. This is especially true as the snow diminishes until it is splotchy in town and the road is totally clear. Fortunately, my timing is good and I get the Netflix there in time, yelling at the postman through the slot to be sure to get them in the mail truck which is waiting outside and ask him please to give me my package the notice for which is in my box. So I stop at the store, fill up with much cheaper gas, and come back from town with my neighbor's salt(don't ask--we're very particular about our salt downriver), my computer wire so I can upload the pictures of my adventure and a cooked fresh crab for supper. You could say it doesn't get any better than this. Well, it does but that's another story and this is just fine the way it is.

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