Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lost in a Quandary

Today is one of those unsettling days where the carpenter doesn't like the architect's choice for a roof--galvanized metal, which I had kind of accepted as being in the Hyampom style. I had thought roof color was finished and now it becomes an issue again. This potentially changes all the other colors. And so the still pond is stirred up again, muddied, swirling around and making my head spin. There is also the question of siding which has to be hardiplank, not wood, new rules for wildfire safety. So Hardiplank has to be painted and moreover, there are different styles, shake, board and batten. I like this latter style better. Again it is typical Hyampom, but again the carpenter doesn't think the panels of Hardiplank will be easy to handle and the battens would have to be made from wood and maybe this violates the wildfire rules and Hardiplank battens are hugely expensive So nothing is decided after I had winnowed it down to the outside color of the windows. Everything is in question again.

Plus this morning I went outside to discover there is water under the deck and along the house but no sign of where it is coming from, certainly not the sky which would be so welcome. So have to dig around in the cold to find the new leak and how could a leak have started so suddenly!!!! Richard was outside last night smoking while we were toasting the new president and claimed he heard water gushing, but I didn't believe him. So much for denial. This augments the annoying fact that the cabin door does not open all the way anymore as the front of the cabin is sinking and I feel I will not be able to get out of here fast enough and into a new house to avoid sinking into the water which is coming from I know not where.

Furthermore, on the ride back from Hayfork yesterday, where we travelers have to sit and wait a half hour each way as the road work is continuing all through winter (making the trip two instead of one hour) I lost two bales of straw unbeknownst to me. Straw is now going for $7 a bale thanks to who knows ponzi hay scam.

So that's how my days are going. At least the new president is doing what he said he would.

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